Ex e, Ex ia, Ex ib and Ex nA Stainless/Mild Steel Enclosures and Terminal Boxes

We have supplied CEX enclosures to many application areas including the onshore/offshore Oil and Gas industries. With the expansion of wave and wind power generation CEX enclosures can be found on underwater wave hubs and wind farms with connections up to 36kV and 2000 amps.

CEX Mild/Stainless Steel

CEX Mild/Stainless Steel Enclosure from The Enclosure Company

Stainess Steel Enclosures

Our engineers are available to advise on the design and engineering parameters of our CEX enclosures and prepare a bespoke design if a standard size is not available.

CEX enclosures are fitted with machined solid block hinges and floating cage nuts that allow screws to locate, which saves on threads stripping and certification becoming invalid.

Available with full width, full height gland plates on 1, 2, 3 or 4 sides.

Overview of key features

  • Flexible certification to EN 60079-0 and EN 60079-7 allows for custom manufacturing Ex e in special sizes up to 2000x2300x600mm
  • Developed with over 35 years experience in enclosures for oil and gas industries
  • Over 42 popular sizes, designed using latest computerised manufacturing techniques offering significant cost savings
  • High grade materials, including electropolished and orbital finished 304L/316L stainless steel and powder coated mild steel
  • Protection Class: IP66 as standard with IP67 and IP68 versions available
  • Available in fire rated versions up to 950°C for 3 hours.
Order Symbol Code Dimensions
(length x width x depth)
CEX 1 143x143x93 Depth is without hinges
CEX 151590 150x150x90 Available as an option to IP68 at up to 30m. Depth is without hinges
CEX 191910 190x190x100 Depth is without hinges
CEX 2A 193x193x186 Depth is without hinges
CEX 3 168x218x130
CEX 3A 168x218x210
CEX 3B 218x377x156
CEX 3B 218x377x210
CEX 231513 229x155x130
CEX 262615 260x265x150
CEX 262620 260x265x200
CEX 303015 306x306x150 Available as an option to IP68 at up to 30m.
CEX 303020 306x306x200
CEX 352615 350x265x150
CEX 352620 350x265x200
CEX 4 377x377x156
CEX 4A 377x377x210
CEX 453815 458x388x150
CEX 453820 458x388x200
CEX 484815 480x480x150
CEX 484820 480x480x203 Available as an option to IP68 at up to 30m.
CEX 5 527x427x156
CEX 5B 527x527x156
CEX 5C 527x527x210
CEX 553615 550x360x150
CEX 553620 550x360x200
CEX 606020 600x600x210 Available as an option to IP68 at up to 30m.
CEX 765015 762x508x150
CEX 765020 762x508x200
CEX 6 827x577x156
CEX 6A 827x577x210
CEX 6B 827x577x300
CEX 916120 914x610x203
CEX 976720 977x677x211 Available as an option to IP68 at up to 30m.
CEX 7 977x677x211
CEX 7A 977x677x156
CEX 7B 977x677x300
CEX 8 1177x777x156
CEX 8A 1177x777x210
CEX 8B 1177x777x300