Floor standing mild steel electrical enclosures

Discover the new generation of Spacial SF suitable metal enclosures and Spacial SM compact enclosures

Floor standing mild steel electrical enclosures Spacial SM

Floor standing mild steel electrical enclosures Spacial SM Enclosure from The Enclosure Company

Front door and rear panel, with or without galvanised mounting plate IP55

Basic composition
  • Structure: body made from sheet steel, welded rear panel, with the front forming a rigid frame with welded corners.
  • Front door:
    • Plain door with reinforcement frame.
    • Or, transparent Securit® glass door.
  • The double doors are overlapping, with system for fixing the left door.
  • Welded rear panel.
  • Standard locking system with handle and 5-mm double-bar insert.
  • 4 support brackets for the mounting plate.
  • Cable-gland plate in 2 parts.
  • Supply with or without galvanised mounting plate depending on the reference.
  • Cross rails.
  • Individual plinths with heights of 100 and 200 mm.


BV, DNV, UL* and CUL.
*1 Door: 1, 2, 3, 3R, 4, 5, 12, 12K and 13
*2 Doors: 1, 12, 12K


Two door rails, which can be height-adjustable and used for fixing cables.

The adaptation profile installed in the front of the enclosure and the universal 40-mm cross rail (1 row) in the rear provide the same fixing points as the suitable enclosure.


Handle with sturdy design for easily activating the locking system, allowing the installation of any shape insert and any cylindrical combination key. Easily interchangeable insert with one click.

Easy installation

  • The Spacial SM compact metal enclosure is made up of a compact body, welded rear panel and front part forming a rigid frame with its corners welded. 4 deep supports, 2 at the top and 2 at the bottom, for adjusting the equipment fixing bracket with a pitch of 25 mm.
  • Sheet-steel door, painted with epoxy-polyester resin in textured RAL7035 grey. Reinforcement frame made up of two perforated uprights with a pitch of 25 mm and two door rails (height-adjustable), which can be used for fixing cables. Vertical profiles for the enclosures with a height of 1200 mm.
  • 4 zamak hinges and 4 locking points for the enclosures, with heights from 1200 to 2000 mm.
  • Cable-gland plate in two parts with sealing gasket cross-section of 3 3 10 mm
  • A broad range of accessories offered for the production of:
    • Plates for automatisms.
    • Modular distribution system.
    • 19" racks.
  • Degree of protection IP55 according to IEC 60529.
  • Resistance to mechanical impacts: IK10 according to IEC 62262 (IK08 for the transparent doors).

Locking system

  • New design, modern appearance, ergonomic, sturdy, complying with numerous specifications:
    • Combination keys.
    • Shape inserts.
    • Push button.
  • Optional:
    • Handle lock for versions DIN, KABA, ASSA.
    • Handle lock for 2 inserts, "AND" or "OR" combination.
    • Padlock locking.
    • CNOMO kit.

Order Symbol Code Dimensions
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