ABS electrical enclosures & cabinets


MNX polycarbonate and ABS enclosures utilize world-class injection moulding technology. They are designed to house and protect all kinds of electrical components in the most demanding applications. The MNX includes more than 260 different variations.


DG Enclosures, control units for demanding environments have been developed in close co-operation with key customers. Unique design saves time in assembly and on-site installation.


Tempo enclosures are easy to use because they are designed to save time and money in assembly and installation. Enclosures are fully compatible with the most common types of standard enclosure market. Plain cover offers lots of space for printing labels.

Bocube Enclosure - Pro Range

An innovative enclosure pro's love to use!

We are delighted to be offering the all new Bocube Enclosure Pro Range, a completely new approach to enclosure design which is set to change the game.

These innovative enclosures require no tools for use, opening up a world of possibilities. They quite literally define a new standard for pro enclosure installation!


PICCOLO range is especially designed to house push buttons, terminal blocks, motor starters and electronic devices. They are also ideal for mounting and protecting process control sensors and switches. PICCOLO range is available in polycarbonate and ABS.


EURONORD range is designed to house DIN-rail mounted terminal blocks and various types of sensors. EURONORD enclosures are available in polycarbonate, ABS, polyester and aluminium. There are more than 160 different off-the-shelf versions avaiable.


SOLID range is an excellent choice to house electronic and electrical components. It is also an ideal alternative to polyester enclosures. It is available with screw and hinge covers in both polycarbonate and ABS.


An incredible range of enclosures, some available in a wide variety of colours, in ABS, Polyester or Polycarbonate, covering a range of applications from controller card, instrument panel and many other enclosures.


CAB wall mounting cabinets are manufactured of high impact resistance polycarbonate or ABS withstanding harsh industrial and outdoor environments. These cabinets are produced with hinged covers. Transparent cover options allow easy viewing of installed equipment and indicators. Glass fibre reinforced polyester cabinets are also available.

Low cost ABS enclosures

These enclosures are manufactured from ABS techno-polymer, which ensures high impact resistance and strength. They are the ideal choice for housing electrical and electronic equipment of high value at low costs.

The variety of depth and shapes allow you to find the product that fits perfectly to your needs. Besides a full machining and customising service is available, to provide you with a finished product avoiding the problems of employing several sub-contractors along with all the hidden goods inwards inspection costs.