Stainless Steel electrical enclosures & cabinets

High Voltage Ex e and Ex nA Junction Boxes

High Voltage Enclosures

  • This range of stainless steel High Voltage Junction Boxes been have designed and developed over 40 years of supplying the oil and gas industries
  • Enclosures are available in various sizes with up to 8 incoming and outgoing cables with a max cable size of 800mm2 to accept 800A to 1090A and 11kV to 15kV
  • Bespoke sizes and designs including air purge (Ex p) for higher voltage application, and IP68 for permanent or temporary submersion
  • Optional extras include, separate enclosures/compartments for fibre optic cable terminations, heaters, air purging and IP68 underwater versions

Stainless Steel

These enclosures have been specially designed for the chemical, oil and food and beverage industries, among others, which are particularly demanding in terms of hygiene and resistance to corrosion. High resistance to corrosion. 304L and 316L stainless steels provide the best solutions for applications in extremely demanding environments. Scotch-Brite® brushed finish as standard. Micro-beaded or painted finish (on request). Chrome-plated escutcheon. Invisible weld points. Perfect polishing.


  • Machining and cut-outs.
  • Special dimensions.
  • Accessory installation.
  • Special finishes: painted and micro-beaded.
  • Production according to your specifications.
The high quality of the standard finish enables very easy maintenance while avoiding contamination. The hygienic feet made from 316L stainless steel, 100 mm and 200 mm high, make it easier to clean under the enclosures.


Ex e, Ex ia, Ex ib and Ex nA Stainless/Mild Steel Enclosures and Terminal Boxes

We have supplied CEX enclosures to many application areas including the onshore/offshore Oil and Gas industries. With the expansion of wave and wind power generation CEX enclosures can be found on underwater wave hubs and wind farms with connections up to 36kV and 2000 amps.

Fire rated Enclosures

Available in aluminium or stainless steel, these enclosures are fully flame retardant and offer incredible protection for your equipment in the most hazardous of conditions.

Spacial Metal Enclosures

Steel industrial boxes

Discover the new generation of Spacial SF suitable metal enclosures and Spacial SM compact enclosures. These Stainless Steel Enclosures represent the highest quality on the market.